কচুশাক (১ আঁটি) – Taro stem (1 Ati)

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Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Which works to remove the impression of age from the face and prevent colon cancer.

Vitamin A in cabbage helps to maintain good eyesight and reduces eye-related complications. Regular spinach reduces the risk of heart disease. Besides, spinach is very effective in controlling blood pressure. Cucumber contains a lot of iron which is effective in eliminating anemia.

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Kachu Shaak is a very popular vegetable in Bangladesh, especially in rural areas. This vegetable is easily available in the corner of the backyard, in the paddy field isle, on the edge of the bezel, so it is easily available, you don’t have to buy it. These vegetables are eaten in different ways. However, kachu leaf mash and curry are more popular. The curry of this vegetable with hilsa, shrimp, small fish, or dried fish is very popular in Bangladesh.

Kachu is one of the useful varieties of food – Mukhi Kachu, Panikchu, Panchamukhi Kachu, Paidnal Kachu, Dudh Kachu, Maulvi Kachu, Manakchu, Olakchu, etc. According to the species, kachu is eaten as a main curry, stem vegetable, and leafy vegetable.

Kachu stems and leaves are rich in nutrients. Cucumbers are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, various minerals, and vitamins.

We usually eat or eat two types of spinach. That is, green kachu shak and black kachu shak.

Many people do not want to give importance to this vegetable as it is very easily available. But this vegetable can meet a lot of daily nutritional needs.

Benefits of kachu spinach at a glance
Kachu spinach is rich in Vitamin A which is very useful in preventing night blindness.

As each fiber is national, it relieves constipation.
Kachu contains a lot of iron and calcium which helps in strengthening our bones.
Kachu also has many benefits in stopping the brittleness of hair.
Kachu also has a lot of iodine.
Kachu is very beneficial for those who have gastric or acidity.
Patients with diabetes can also eat it safely as the amount of sugar in kachu lati is low.
At a glance, the quality of kachu spinach
Cucumbers contain a lot of fiber which helps in the easy digestion of food. Those who have problems with constipation can eat kachu shak.

Rat kana disease
Kachu shak is a very good source of Vitamin A, Kachu shak plays a very important role in the prevention of all types of diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency including Rat kana disease. This is why it helps to increase eyesight. It also reduces eye-related complications and solves various problems.

Lettuce plays a much more effective role in keeping the oxygen supply in our body active. Moreover, Kachu shak is rich in iron and has a lot of respect for it. When the amount of hemoglobin in our blood decreases, all the doctors recommend eating kachu sak.

Kachu spinach mash is a popular food item
Kachu spinach mash is a popular food item.
Diseases of the mouth and skin
In addition to vitamin A, it contains vitamins B and C. Therefore, Kachu shak has an equal role in the prevention of mouth and skin diseases.

Cancer prevention
It also contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer. Studies have shown that regular consumption of cabbage can prevent colon cancer.

Teeth and bone structure
The biggest benefit of spinach is that it contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. The role of spinach is very important in the formation of our teeth and bones and in the prevention of tuberculosis.

Heart disease and stroke
It contains high levels of potassium, so it also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Let us know about the benefits and nutritional value of each shake.

Reduces high blood pressure
The saponins, tannins, carbohydrates, and flavonoids in cabbage reduce high blood pressure. Regular consumption of each sak also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Pregnant women
The variety of vitamins and minerals present in kachu sak is very beneficial for pregnant mothers and babies. Cabbage is easily available so pregnant women from poor families can eat cabbage or cabbage to meet their vitamin and iron needs.

To reduce fever
In case of fever, if the patient is cooked and fed milk kachu, the fever gets better quickly.

Nutrition of spinach
The level of nutrients present in every 100 grams of kachu vegetables can be seen from the list below

The name quantity of the material
6.8 grams of sugar
3.9 grams of protein
10 mg of iron
Vitamin B-1 (thiamine) 0.22 mg
Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) 0.26 mg
Vitamin C 12 mg
1.5 grams of fat
Calcium 228 mg
Food energy 56 kcal
According to experts, eating raw vegetables increases the chances of allergies and itching. Kachu spinach or kachu contains an ingredient called oxalate, which often causes an itchy throat when eaten. So lemon juice or vinegar should be used while cooking kachu shak or kachu. However, for those who have allergies in the body, it is better not to eat kachu or kachu vegetables.

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