গাজর (১ কেজি) – Carrot (1 kg)

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Fresh Carrots are pre-packed for your convenience. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin a and they help promote heart, eye, brain, skin, and liver health. Best eaten raw for maximum health benefits.

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1. Settle on eye health
Sharia’s long-standing vitamin A-deficiency drama occurs in roadside situations (2). Vitamin A deficiency in place of carrots, this deficiency is mixed to place this test row (3). Beneficial for this place of interest.

2. Make Hart a healthy partner
To test with rats that gazars have been placed in the house of cholesterol comments and anti-violence in the body. Enter it as Cardiovascular Health (4). Let’s end the part in the blood cholesterol of a type of fiber called pectin in raw carrots (5).

3. Commit to cancer

Azizi, carrot distance photo Cameral calculus, which carries from anti-concussion (6). Among these misfortunes are unadulterated beta carotene and some gray carotenoids. The strength of resistance to these conditions is to activate some important proteins in the house which are also useful in curing gauze juice garlic leukemia (7).

Carrot D-carotenoid dress, colon, prostate, lung, and daughter breast cancer risk virgin (8), (9), (10), (11)

4. Health Health budget
It is recalled that chewing carrots contains water (12). Belief Belief Belief Belief Belief Many people many people many people

5. The right level of digestive energy
You are digested before eating carrots and eating with you also happens very naturally (13) The tester anti-acid is complete.

. Blog pressure is fine
If you do carrot juice, your cyst, your cyst, 55, 55, 5 Gazar, fiber, potassium, nitrate, vitamin C, just write down this block pressure (14).

. Stop reading the pedagogical impression
Carrots are rich in carotenoids. RCCITED, Regularly enter this kind of melodic body Do not prevent the skin from getting a lively bursactor impression (15).

. Strengthen the loser
Bone cell metabolism OK Vitamin Remember when it shouldn’t be present yet carotenoids have healthier health and maintain a higher partnership (16).

9. To resist the situation
All the functions of the body of vitamins occur just as they are and are tested by tests (17). The vitamin C in carrots, which is thought to make collagen in the body, keeps the house resistant to earthquakes if it is slow (18).

10. The weight of the god is in Kuma
8% water of Waza Gaz (19). It grows slowly, so eating carrots will fill your dress, but Sherry Calorie also commented. Join your body.

11. To reduce the diabetic method
Finishing in carrot fiber. Study reviews show that glucose metabolism improves if dialysis sticks last longer than fiber (20). So join your appropriate amount if you have diabetes.

12. Make the body beautiful during Princess
Many proud pramadis said this time has been more dry throat. H 6% water (19), as 7% water (19) of Saja Gaz, but this glass has no shelter from the position of the dry layer and the degree of degradation in the body.

13. Do not put eggs in toxins
Glutathione in carrots. It is a herbal anti-depressant that can be connected to the liver (20) and as a result, the liver is functioning properly. It is sometimes the last flavonoid and beta carotene. Miscellaneous Discussions, Providing Beta Carotino Liver (21).

14. Animate the skin
Carrots are rich in carotenoids. RCCITED, Regularly enter this kind of melodic body Do not prevent the skin from getting a lively bursactor impression (15). Let the water-soluble anti-associative skin go to the healthier.

15. Tan the skin
Gaza D Vitamin C is the final sun test that will go back after sunburn or tan. So carrot juice makes skin tension prevents reading.

16. Hair day water level
Other vitamins in carrots are A, C, carotenoids, anti-oxidants. So it is useful to restore the condition of the hair and the health of the hair but to work on discussing it.

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