তীর সয়াবিন তেল 5 লিটার – TEER Soyabean Oil 5 ltr

৳ 655.00

1. Product Type: Oil
2. Brand: TEER
3. First edible oil brand of Bangladesh
4. Net Weight: 5 ltr
5. Ingredients: Soybean
6. Food value: Vitamin A, D, E, K
7. Decolorized
8. Category: Edible oil
9. Country of origin: Bangladesh

500 in stock (can be backordered)

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One of the biggest conglomerates of Bangladesh City Group started producing edible oil in 1972. It is the country’s first edible oil-producing company. City Group is renowned for producing consumer goods. Among many other consumer products, Teer soybean oil is one of the popular ones.

TEER Advanced Soyabean Oil 1ltr is produced with multiple nutrients. They followed five steps to decolor the oil. 100% pure and refined with advanced technology.

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