পাট শাক (১ আঁটি) – Jute leaves (1 Ati)

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Nutritious jute is a favorite food of many. Jute is as delicious as it is easy to eat. Usually, fried jute is eaten with hot rice. It is not only delicious as a vegetable but also has many nutritional properties.

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1) Increases the taste in the mouth: Increases the taste of eating bitter taste jute. Brings back the taste in the mouth and reduces the risk of fat gain. The bitter taste of jute helps to break down the starch by secreting saliva in the mouth. This facilitates digestion and increases appetite.

2) Eliminates Insomnia: Magnesium in Patsha produces essential hormones in the body that keep the nervous system calm and ensure uninterrupted sleep. So you can eat jute vegetables for better sleep.

3) Increases immunity: Vitamins A, E, and C of jute increase the body’s immunity. Vitamin C and carotene in it help to cure mouth sores. In addition, Vitamin-C increases the white blood cells, and Vitamin-A, Vitamin E enhances the immunity of other organs including the eyes and heart.

4) Promotes bone growth: Jute leaves have a lot of calcium which helps to keep bones good and prevents bone loss. In addition, the iron, magnesium, sodium, and other nutrients in it help build and repair bones and prevent bone fractures.

5) Eliminates high blood pressure: The existing high level of potassium helps to keep blood circulation and blood pressure normal. This eliminates the problem of high blood pressure. Jute also helps in lowering blood cholesterol. Playing regularly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

6) Good source of iron: Patsha contains a lot of iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin in the blood. The iron in Jute leaves also increases the normal body temperature and efficiency.

6) Increases digestion power: The dietary fiber in Patsha greatly accelerates the digestive process and increases our digestive power. This eliminates constipation.

6) Relieves the pain of arthritis: Jute leaves contain a lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E is effective in preventing gout, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases. So jute is an important diet for all these diseases.

9) Patsha contains high levels of antioxidants that help prevent any type of cancer in the body. The folic acid present in it helps to keep the skin and hair well. It also helps to keep the body healthy by controlling diabetes and blood pressure and relieving stress

10) Growing baby diet: Jute leaves are rich in magnesium. It is important to have jute in the baby food list for the growth of various organs of the body

11) Heart health – blood cholesterol is paired with edible fiber and leaves the body. This reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

12) Sleep habits: Adequate amount of magnesium in the body produces the necessary hormones that keep the nervous system calm and ensure uninterrupted sleep.

13) Blood dysentery: Dry leaves of jute soaked in half a cup of a cup and eaten it cures diarrhea. Moreover, playing with dried leaves of rice reduces the speed of stool a lot.

14) Bladder disease: If someone urinates a lot. Urine with white lime or turbid urine with the urine. Is good

15) If the stomach is not clean: If the toilet is unclean and the text is two grams of leaf powder and a little water. Drinking one glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning cleanses the stomach.

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