পেঁয়াজ পাতা(১ আটি) – Onion leaves(1 Ati)

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Spring onions are a very popular vegetable and they come in different varieties including white, yellow, and red. These tender onion bulbs are great in taste and also rich in nutrients. Like onions spring onions are also high in sulfur. High amounts of sulfur provide many health benefits. These tender onions are low in calories. Spring onions are a variety of scallion and also called green onions.

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“The more you cry, the more you laugh” – this is very effective in the case of onions. Because when you go to cut this vegetable, you have to cry with swollen eyes. But this natural ingredient does not benefit the body less! Multiple studies have shown that a number of beneficial substances present in the body of onion play a special role in the treatment of multiple diseases. Suppose …

1. Eliminates bad breath: Eating raw onions kills the bacteria present in the mouth cavity. As a result, bad breath is eliminated. At the same time, the risk of getting various diseases in the gums also decreases.
2. Reduces bad cholesterol levels: Increases the level of good cholesterol or HDL in the body, on the one hand, keeps the body strong, on the other hand, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and increases the performance of the heart. In this way, onions have a special ability to increase our life expectancy.
3. Reduces fever: Cut an onion before going to bed. Mix a little potato and 2 cloves of garlic with it and put it in socks and lie down after socks. If you do this for a few days, you will see that you have started to recover.
4. Keeps away diseases like diabetes: Absolutely right! There is no substitute for onions to control this most terrible disease of the 21st century. In fact, some of the ingredients in this vegetable do not raise blood sugar levels. At the same time, he takes care not to cause insulin deficiency. As a result, there is no chance of increasing the incidence of diabetes.
5. Reduces the incidence of diseases like insomnia: Are you a night star? The clock ticks forward in the morning, but can not make the eyelids one? Then I want to have onion in my daily diet. Because this vegetable is very useful in relieving diseases like insomnia.
. It comes in handy when burnt: The incident of burning hands while cooking is common with housewives. In this case, also onion is very useful. How? From now on, leave a piece of onion on the wound for some time. In a short time, you will see that the wound has healed with the reduction of irritation.
. Remove the mole: Cut the onion into rounds and place it on the mole and tie it with a cloth. So that it does not go later. If you do this every night before going to bed, you will see that the mole has fallen off after a few days.
. Improves memory: According to a recently published research paper, regular consumption of raw onions starts to increase brain power. As a result, as memory improves, so does the risk of developing multiple brain diseases due to increased performance of the nervous system.
9. Keeps away diseases like cancer: The chances of getting brain, colon, and esophageal cancer come to zero if you eat onions every day. This is because some of the ingredients present in this vegetable prevent cancer cells from growing inside the body. As a result, such a deadly disease cannot even come close to the edge.
10. Reduces the incidence of cough: Cut onion and collect its juice. Then add a few drops of honey and drink this mixture at least twice a day, then the cough will start to decrease.

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